Friday, March 2, 2012

Furry Friday: No Love for Lola

Seeing as how we were blessed with snow in the great North East this week, I had the luxury of staying home a day and a half due to "inclement weather."  Making exceptional use of this time at home I got caught up on Jersey Shore re-runs, put in four hours of shoveling, and fit in a two hour nap.  In the middle of all of that I somehow managed to feed my two nameless fish, walk the dog, and entertain phone calls from my pal Danielle.  Tough life, I know.

I apparently had missed more than a week's worth of Jersey Shore so this took precedence.  I started a fire in the living room fireplace, plopped my rear end on the couch, and settled in with Riley under our favorite white throw blanket.  Riley is a fan of snuggling and watching TV... he must take after his mother.  At any rate, the episode where Snooki loses a bet and has to wear her rabbit suit in public comes on and let me tell you... Riley is not a fan of Lola.  

I should start by explaining that Riley has what some may describe as anger management issues when it comes to certain things on television.  Animals, football players, babies crying, scary characters, phones ringing or doorbells, whistles blowing... these all cause him to leap across the living room and tell the TV who's boss.  I'd like to think Riley believes our television is a window (he loves looking out windows) and that items on the television pose a threat, but who knows.  More than likely it's just because he's an un-neutered male with Napoleon Syndrome.   At any rate, Lola has now joined a very long list of things Riley doesn't like to see on TV.  

Do your pets have any strange TV habits?  Oh, and my two nameless fish are a pink and a blue tetra.  I've had them since Christmas but haven't come up with names yet.  Suggestions welcome.

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