Thursday, October 25, 2012

Luck of the draw

So far today is shaping up to be a pretty crappy day.  I woke up thinking it was Friday.  Wished my bff a very Happy Birthday, only to have her say "ummm thanks, it's tomorrow," and then I dive into my lunch pail to find that I had been packed a plain oatmeal packet for breakfast.  My husband's response "sorry, you got the luck of the draw."  Yeah, while that may be true, let's just discuss why the heck they put that disgustingly bland unflavored packet in the variety box in the first place.  Does anyone know? 

I can't possibly think of one person, other than my Grandfather on my mom's side, who likes plain oatmeal.  He was in the Navy and could live off crackers and water if he had to but that's beside the point.  Irregardless of the plain oatmeal packet's terrible flavor, let's talk about it's effect on the human psyche.  Every other day it's a wonderful little surprise opening up my lunch pail to find a Strawberries and Cream, Raisin and Spice, or Maple and Brown Sugar.  On those days oatmeal makes a great start to the day.  On the day when the dreaded plain packet makes it into your lunch pail it's like getting the Old Maid, the Queen of Spades in Hearts, or a Q in Scrabble.  I'm just saying, it sets you back.  So add that to the fact that I found out it wasn't Friday and it's rainy out... today is shaping up to be the pitts.

Do you agree?  What else in life is like the plain oatmeal packet, metaphorically speaking? Food for thought (pun most certainly intended.)

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