Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scatter Brain

Let's just talk about the joys of the internet, shall we?  Just about anything makes the cut for a piece of news on the world wide web... and then I read it.  LOL.  Some of the items that made it on my reading list today include the following:

  • I'd read an article about some artist named Hirst who killed 9000 butterflies in the name of art.  There was a link to photos of other odd works of art featuring dead animals and the like.  Unfortunately I cannot retrace my steps to the subsequent article but it revealed a technical term for taxidermy used as an art form (think Steve Carell in Dinner for Schmucks).  I was going to say you learn something new every day, however, in my case only if you write it down.
  • Over at the Frisky there was an article spotlighting a rape case at Amherst College which was absolutely heart wrenching to see how the College inappropriately handled it.  However, even more inappropriate was a commenter who stated "Men need to learn that rape is not acceptable."  My response to that was basically do I agree punishments need to be stronger when dealing with rapists? Yes. But do I believe that Men can grow into adulthood never realizing rape is wrong? No. I call bologna on that one. It's kind of like saying "men need to learn that defecating on the floor is not acceptable." The commenter tried to explain her theory that men rape because they think they can get away with it and fear no punishment from it, however, there are a number of reasons men rape and plenty of people who's jobs revolve around finding these things out.  The vast majority I'm fairly certain have nothing to do with "getting away with it" and more to do with a sick twisted mind.  At any rate, this comment ranks right up their with Todd Akin's "Dumb Quote of the Week" in my book.  
  • Another article today spotlighted wedding proposals gone wrong.  One gentleman in particular purchased a $10,000 ring, put it into a helium balloon and can you guess what happened?  It blew away!  Yep, total loss.  I hope he took out some form of insurance.  Oh, and get this: his girlfriend wouldn't speak to him until he got her another ring. To me, tons of red flags here on his part and hers.  Would be interested to find out if they got married and if it lasted.
Aside from the endless supply of entertaining articles, the internet is great for another reason near and dear to my heart.  Christmas Shopping.  I am officially done with mine thanks to the internet.  Made a nice little list of recipients, tracked ideas for them throughout the year, price shopped online and *boom* done.  Just like that, with enough time in case anything ends up on back order.  I don't have to fight the crowds at the store and I can get into the Christmas spirit with each package that arrives at my door requiring wrapping paper.  It's an awesome feeling folks.

What's shaking with you today?  Read anything worthy of conversation?  How's your holiday shopping coming along?

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