Friday, October 26, 2012

Furry Friday: In Good Taste

It's hard to find things our little Rye-guy doesn't have a taste for.  He will beg for a taste of whatever you are eating, even if it's celery sticks.  In trying to keep in mind that his waist line doesn't exactly love snacks as much as Riley does, we have been purchasing what are purported to be "healthier" versions of his usuals.  For Milkbones, we've been buying the granola based ones.  Rachel Ray offers her "Just Six" snacks, which I've mentioned before, and now we've tried out Beneful's baked versions called "Baked Delights".  He loves their Quacks and their Hugs.  We're now testing out the Snackers.  They're veggie/fruit shaped but are a peanut butter based product.  So far he seems to like them.  

What he doesn't have a taste for, however, was the wedding gift the Timberlake's received from a friend and LA Realtor.  This man decided it was "in good taste" to film homeless people spouting off sentiments to the couple on their wedding day and their regrets for not being able to attend the lavish event.  I've pointed out before that certain things come up on television and drive Riley bonkers, well apparently this news item did the trick as well.  Sometimes I really wonder if he truly understands more than we think he does.  At any rate, I'm not too fond of this gentleman's gag gift either.  I cannot seem to wrap my head around the so called purpose of this gift.  He says it was meant as a private joke, but it's offensive any way you look at it.  Did he think they would get a kick out of looking down on these homeless folks while they partied it up in Italy?  Or did he mean it to be a dig at them, pointing out how very much they have while these folks have nothing?  A "joke" implies it was meant to be funny, but what's funny about the misfortune of others?  Talk about putting a damper on special moment... this is now what people will associate with the Timberlake wedding.  Well done jackass, joke's on you.

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