Friday, November 9, 2012

Furry Friday: Faux Hawk

As you can see, during his Furry Friday hiatus Riley has been very busy growing out his hair for the upcoming winter months.  His wire hair certainly lends itself to some super styles.  Who else do you know that can rock a faux hawk sans hair product??  This guy right here.

All kidding aside he was sleeping and it's only because he's such a tolerant dog that I was able to create the above photo.  His hair is reaching some seriously lengths though.  We usually have him professionally groomed at least twice a year, which includes trimming him down to look like a smooth coat doxie with a beard, but I save those groomings for the warmer months.  Usually these occur around March and again in July or August.  As much as he doesn't enjoy them, I do give him regular baths about once a month just to keep him smelling fresh.  I'd completely forgotten how furry this little guy can get though once his hair starts growing out.  He's like a little lion.  His beard has sort of merged with the rest of his facial hair to create a mane which carries down across his shoulders and chest. 

I can remember when he was younger and used to bite at the brush if you came anywhere near him with it.  Good thing he outgrew that phase because with the amount of hair he's got now we definitely have to give him a good brushing every so often just to keep him from getting matted, however, now he's a little diva who rolls over so you don't forget to brush his belly.

Anyone else have any funny pictures to share of their dog with his/her hair grown out? How about any doxie owners?

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