Friday, November 30, 2012

Furry Friday: Hug your pet

In the news recently has been coverage of a Jack Russell puppy named Phoenix from the Buffalo, NY region.  He had been set on fire last month by two teens who I hope rot in hell.  He is slowly recovering from his injuries but may lose his left hind leg.  This little guy could use your thoughts and prayers.  Fortunately enough kind people have donated the funds to cover his surgeries up to this point.  According to he is currently being treated at The Buffalo Animal Shelter.  If you would like to know more, Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter are continually posting updates about the little guy, information about the shelter, adoptions, and ways to donate. 

It's stories like this that really break my heart.  I am saddened that this poor, loving little animal had to endure so much pain at such a young age.  I do know with the right care and the right family he will eventually forget what he went through, but the senselessness of it is still so very alarming to me.  I just cannot wrap my head around how people could do such a thing to an animal.  I go home every day to my little Rye-guy and he's so overjoyed to see me, whether it's been a five minute separation or over five hours.  I could never imagine hurting him on purpose. The occasional stepping on him when he's underfoot I do try to avoid, but it's happened.  Hey, he's a dachshund.  

Anywho, go home and hug your pets today.  Be thankful you are a kindhearted pet owner and that your pet loves you equally and unconditionally.  Oh, and pray for Phoenix.

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