Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Let's rewind to last Friday around 3:30pm.  My husband's phone pocket dials me and I hear all sorts of commotion going on and then phrases like "dude, I wouldn't tell her," "leave it at my place, we'll fix it," and "you know I'm not going to hear the end of it because we have the baby on the way."  These are never good things to overhear when your husband is on a trip up north snowmobiling.  

I held off on posting anything about this because as you can imagine, I have mixed emotions on the subject.  First and foremost I was worried about him.  Obviously some form of accident had occurred and from the pocket dial I wasn't sure if he was even injured. I was also disappointed for him because he was so excited to be heading north for the first time with his sled and now his weekend was ruined.  Lastly, I was angry.  I was angry at the direction the conversation I overheard was taking and I was angry because we'd recently put +$400 into the sled and it was becoming apparent our bank accounts were going to suffer some more.  You may recall my eluding to his sled having work done in my Manic Monday post.  At any rate, it's just money, but certainly not something else we needed to encumber at this point in time. 

When it was apparent that he couldn't hear me yelling "hello" in to the phone or pressing different buttons while the call was still active, I hung up and dialed him myself.  As it turns out he came around a bend and his ski caught on something within the trail which caused the sled to steer into a fence and he was thrown from the sled.  The fence that his sled crashed into was a three strand barbed wire one with wooden posts and somehow he managed to miss getting mangled by any of the wires.  In the impact, the wires got caught up and under the base of the windshield which ultimately shielded him from what could have been the amputation of a limb or even decapitation.  His helmet had apparently hit something (the post?) and split in the chin region which caused a small cut on his chin.  Miraculously he walked away from the accident just a little bruised and battered. The sled was damaged from a cosmetic standpoint, not mechanically, which was also a positive.  In the grand scheme of things, it could have been a lot worse.  Ultimately he was lucky to be alive and for that we were both grateful.

The moral of the story?  Well, I could write several although I'm not feeling particularly witty today so I'm mashing a few quotes together here: The future is promised to no one so live fully, laugh loudly, and love deeply because life is too short to buy green bananas.

Take away from this what you may. 


  1. wowzers ...someone was lookin' out for Justin....yeah man glad he's okay...I think green bananas make those deep fried plantains ... so I'll keep buying green bananas

  2. Can't say I've had deep fried plantains, although at this stage in the pregnancy I'm sure I'd enjoy them. Had some fried zucchini sticks the other day at Cheesecake Factory... yum!


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