Friday, February 8, 2013

Furry Friday: ESP

For a while now, I've been convinced that Riley knows what's up.  By that, I mean, he knows I'm expecting.  I've always considered him extremely intelligent (what mother doesn't think her furbaby is brilliant??) but I'm really convinced he has ESP.  I know that dogs are really good at picking up on mood changes and all that jazz, but from very early on he was extra lovey with me.  When we first found out we were pregnant he would walk by me and lick my leg, which was entirely unusual.  He's always been a snuggler but a fly-by dog kiss wasn't his thing ever before.  As for sleeping arrangements, he is usually all over the bed (up by our heads, down by our feet, snuggled between the pillows, etc) but since I've become pregnant he wants to sleep by my stomach for as long as his little body can stand the heat.  This is true for our couch time together in the evenings as well.  He has taken to laying across my lap in such a fashion that one of his ears is propped right up against my belly.  I'm curious if he can hear our little guy in there. 

With curiosity comes research and I found an article on that seems to prove my theory true.  According to the article dogs can hear ultrasonic sounds including in utero crying which I guess begins around 28 weeks and that milestone is quickly approaching.  I'll be watching his reactions in the upcoming weeks to see if he lets on that he hears something or if he actually feels the baby kick.  In the same article it indicates that since our baby can hear outside noises as well, the two of them could already be communicating with each other.  Kind of neat.  Along the lines of that theory I'm hoping the baby will recognize and be unbothered by Riley's bark once he's been born since he can already hear it.  This would be totally awesome of course because Riley does randomly bark at the neighbor, a jogger, or the TV and we wouldn't want that waking or upsetting the baby.  However, I'm not living in the land of gumdrops and rainbows so I won't get my hopes up too high.

Anyone else experience this with their dog?  Have any insight to share?

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