Friday, April 5, 2013

Furry Friday: Grandpa's Bud

It's no secret that Riley and his Grandpa are buddies.  Grandpa comes over every work day to walk him at lunchtime and even just the mention of Grandpa's name makes Riley do an excited little tap-dance.  In case your wondering what a dachshund tap-dancing is like, just imagine Riley jumping around on his little 3 inch legs clickety-clacking his little toe nails all the while.  It's cute, really.  He also does this when he can't decide if he should sit/stay or run for the back door when we're getting ready for a car-ride.  So as you can see, Grandpa ranks right up there with car-rides.

At any rate, this Easter we had a nice ham dinner and of course Grandpa cut the ham and Riley supervised.  For good measure, every so many slices Grandpa shared a piece with Riley as a form of "Quality Control."   Everyone knows the way to a man's dog's heart is through his stomach, so Riley and Grandpa are now closer than before if that's even remotely possible.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  This time next year I anticipate Riley will be begging for ham not only from Grandpa, but also from the base of his little brother's highchair.

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