Thursday, April 4, 2013


This morning my mother-in-law brought me a baby photo of Justin from when he was first born.  Combine that with a photo I had from when I was a baby (not sure exactly how old) and I've begun to wonder just what our impending bundle of joy will look like.  For starters, Justin was a 6lb cone head and his parents thought he looked like E.T.  I was an 8lb chunk-a-munk with dark hair and leg rolls comparable to the Michelin Man.  I know what you are thinking... this poor kid has no chance.  Well fortunately there are a few play-pretend sites out there that help you imagine what such a combination would result in.  I decided to try out The Baby Morpher over at The Bump.  What resulted is probably far from accurate but it was fun to try.  

What other sites have you used and did you find that they were anywhere close to what your child actually ended up looking like?

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