Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Future Fire Fighter

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the SUHRA conference.  I also had the pleasure of toting along my son and the hubs, aka "daddy daycare" as he kept calling himself. 

The conference was held at Adam's Mark hotel in buffalo.  The topics were timely, however the hotel was huge and our breaks were very short so finding time to nurse and/or pump proved challenging... especially when a fire alarm sounds and your room is on the 8th floor.  You read that right. On one of my mini breaks I went upstairs to feed Jayson and no sooner do I get to the room the alarm goes off. So down 8 flights of stairs I go, in heels with baby in my arms. Poor daddy had to haul the carseat, diaper bag and anything else he could think of in our escape from the building. We have yet to hear what specifically caused the alarm to sound, but fire trucks and news crews were on site.  We may be on tv for all I know!  At any rate,  Jayson thought it was a blast and we were let back in after a short while.

Maybe we have a future fire fighter on our hands. This was, after all, his second fire drill where trucks actually had to show up!

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