Thursday, October 17, 2013

All over the place

Much like my brain lately, today's post is going to be all over the place.   I'm completely swamped at work.  I am seriously behind on house chores.  Oh yeah, and our dryer died.  Add all of that to the fact that Jayson started a new daycare this week and you get one stressed out mommy.  Not to mention, this feels like the longest four day work week EVER.

So yeah, Jayson started at Little Sprouts on Tuesday.  As much as I loved where he was, there wasn't a FT permanent slot for him so we had to move eventually.  Our prior provider, Michelle, assured me that as long as there are other kids there Jayson will be fine.  Sure enough he has been happy as a clam at the new daycare, although on the first day he didn't eat all three of his bottles.  I'll chalk it up to change and he probably was so preoccupied with all the new surroundings/kids that he didn't seem to miss it.  I've been told that he's been eating better since then though, and loving his outdoor time in an exersaucer and even a walker!  You read that right, he's using a walker now.  Five months old and this little dude can get around.

Other items new with Jayson - he has found his feet and he's constantly trying to eat them!  Even with shoes or socks on (yuck)!  And it's not just his feet, he's constantly trying to eat anything he can get in his mouth because he's teething.  That and he's become so much more interested in anything we're holding or within grabbing vicinity to him.  If he can reach it, into his mouth it goes.  We're in trouble once this kid can get up and go on his own.

Oh, and his latest trick... the king of cat naps is now a "sleep eater." He fights naps all day aside from 20-30 minute clips and now when I nurse him he'll "sleep eat." Sort of like another little cat nap, although multitasking at the same time.  Ingenious really on his part.  The downside though is that when he does fully nod off and I try to move him to the crib or bassinet he wakes up in total goof-troop mode, kicking and giggling and ready to go!  This is not so good for the last nursing session before bedtime as you can imagine.  Last night was a perfect example of this and it took me until 11:30 to get him and myself to bed!  Not so great for a tired, stressed out, working mommy.

How's your four day work week going?

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