Monday, October 21, 2013

A Much Needed Weekend

After being exceptionally busy at work, having my clothes dryer die, and having to switch Jayson's daycare I can definitely say I needed the weekend to regroup.  The weather was fairly nice, albeit chilly, and we managed to get some much needed down time in and also some dreaded seasonal tasks accomplished.

Saturday we had a nice visit with our friends Paul and Cait who have recently announced they are expecting their first child.  Our visit was full of talk about all things baby.  It also gave them some time to get some snuggles in with Jayson.  Paul is actually Jayson's godfather and because they live a few hours away it's infrequent that we see them.

Later we headed over to Elise and Dan's apartment for supper.  On the menu was a roast chicken, corn casserole, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies followed by pumpkin pie.  It's always a feast when Elise cooks which was a nice treat for Justin and I as we've been a little lax in the cooking department as of late.  Hey, we have a baby...

Sunday was spent getting yard work done.  Fingers crossed this is the last time Justin will have to mow for the season.  Probably not the last time, however, that he'll have to use the leaf sweeper.  We also managed to switch out our summer and winter clothes.  At the same time I boxed up Jayson's three months and 3-6 month sized clothing.   So sad that he is growing up so quickly.

Speaking of Jayson, this being his second week at daycare I'm hoping it goes better than the first.  For whatever reason, whether it be just because it was all new or if he's starting to get a cold, he decided to change up his schedule.  He boycotted a bottle a day and decided to take much longer naps than usual, the combination of which totally threw off his eating and sleeping schedule at home which had me a little stressed out.  I was probably driving the new caretaker batty, but the little guy is my world and any change for a normally regimented and happy child is cause for concern. After some reading on the internet, I scared myself thinking he could be reverse cycling or switching up his days and nights.  Any one else experience this with their five/six month olds?

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