Friday, June 24, 2011

Furry Friday: Like Clockwork

I’ve decided that in blog-world, Fridays will be dedicated to Riley Chance.  He’s such a fixture in my life that I’m not sure if one day’s blogging will do him justice, but I’m sure sharing any details of his antics will certainly bring a smile to your face.  Besides, who doesn’t like a pet photo now and then?

Let me tell you, this dog is smart.  Most days I beat Justin home, so I bring the dog out for his walk.  Lately on sunny days this walk includes picking the asparagus that grows in our yard.  You give these veggies one hot day of sunshine and they are suddenly a foot tall and if you skip a day of picking, they'll have grown too tough to eat.  Anywho, back to Riley.  I tell him "let's go pick asparagus" and he takes off past the apple tree to the little patch.  While I am picking he varies between enjoying the shade of the apple tree, directly sunning himself, and telling any joggers passing by who's boss (apparently him).

This little guy is also very regimented.  You could set a clock by him, I swear.  Our alarm goes off around 5:30 in the morning, but at 5:28 he starts his morning ritual of waking Justin up which includes wet-willies (otherwise known as ear licks), face kisses, and muzzle punches (forcible nudging with his nose).  After his morning walk he heads right to his crate and awaits his kong-treat because he knows we're leaving for the day.  But wait, it gets better.  I get home in the evening and he runs right to the bathroom because he knows that after a forty minute commute that's the first place I'm headed.  Oh yeah, and his bed time is nine o'clock sharp.  He doesn't care that your movie is running a little longer.  He will stand by the side of the bed in the dark for as long as it takes before you help him up.  I love that little fur-face.


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