Friday, January 4, 2013

Furry Friday: Prep your pup

Seeing as how I'm half-baked, well the baby is anyway, I am getting more and more nervous about how well my other little man is going to handle the new addition.  Riley has been our baby for the last five years and 1.) I don't want him to feel less loved, 2.) I don't want him to become a monster either.  A lot of different parenting and baby magazines have tips and tricks for prepping your pup for the arrival of a baby, however they all seem very "fluff."  
  • Practice walking your pooch with your stroller prior to the baby's birth
  • Download sounds of a baby crying and play it sporatically through the day/night.
  • Carry around a baby doll
  • Have your husband bring a receiving blanket home one night while you are still at the hospital to familiarize the dog with the scent
  • Have your husband bring the baby in when you come home
I've yet to practice walking Riley with a stroller.  We don't have one yet, although it is on order (thanks Grandma!)  We went with the Chicco Cortina Keyfit30 in Midori.  I don't imagine Riley's going to care one way or another about walking with me while I'm pushing a stroller.  He's always so preoccupied with scents and spots to pee while we're out for a walk.  He's also not terribly big so pulling isn't really an issue either.  Although due to his small size, I could see him wanting to get into the stroller when his little legs get tired.

I did download a dog teaser app on my cell phone that had some sounds that are supposed to be annoying, including a baby crying, but this doesn't seem to phase Riley.  The only sound within the app that gets him every time is the doorbell.  However if a baby cry is on tv he barks.  

I guess I could start carrying around a baby doll, would have to borrow one from one of my younger sisters.  Actually a few of my old ones should still be in my mom's attic.  I'm not sure Riley's going to be fooled by this either.  He's going to think it's a toy and it's time to play.  When I hold a real baby he does get a little uppity with me, jumping at me to see it and such, however when I'm down on his level with it he seems more calm and wants to lick the baby to death.  I can't always be on his level though, so he's going to have to adjust.

As for the last two suggestions, I guess we can try.  I'm thinking the first few weeks are going to be an awkward adjustment period with the Rye-guy.  A friend of mine said having the baby around will become old news to him after a while.  I'm really hoping that's true.  Riley's great with my sisters and with my friend's kids who are 3+ years of age.  I guess if all else fails he could stay with my parents for a little while but I really don't want to go that route.  He's like our first child, so I don't really see that as an option unless he becomes a danger to the baby.  

Any thoughts, suggestions, stories to share?  Maybe I'm just over thinking things...

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