Monday, January 14, 2013

Predictive Advertising?

While I was listening to Shawn & Richie this morning on my ride into work, they were going back and forth about the types of advertisements they were seeing on their personal Facebook pages.  It's no secret that Facebook is a huge data miner and tracks our every thought and move through status updates, our "likes", and more complicated technical things like "cookies."  

I never really pay too much attention to the advertisements on my Facebook page, namely because I use the application on my phone which sort of cuts that junk out.  However, it peaked my curiosity and so on break today I decided to check my page the old-school way on the computer.  I thought for sure with all my postings about our impending bundle of joy that there would be Huggies advertisements and Motherhood Maternity stuff popping up like nobody's business.  Wrong.  Interestingly enough from my posts and likes they have deduced the following about this here pregnant woman:
  • They assume I still care about my sex appeal, so much so that they've directed me to a Corset Sale.
  • Apparently they haven't picked up on the fact that I'm expecting since they've included a link to Mirena IUD information.
  • The next advertisement they definitely have pegged correctly -  my shoe fetish, namely boots this time of year.  Well played.
  • Even though my profile highlights my profession, I must write about Riley frequently enough since they've decided to tell me how I can work with dogs for a living.
  • Although I'm positive I haven't mentioned weight gain or exercise as of recently (not in the last five months at least) they have picked out an Old Navy Activewear line to share with me.
  • And, as if the first advertisements for boots wasn't enough they've added one for UGGs specifically through Amazon.
I give their predictive advertising a 50% score since they really only successfully intrigued me with half of their targeted ads.  

Have you checked this out on your profile page as of recently?  How'd they stack up for you?

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