Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out with the old

Happy New Year!  Surprisingly I made it past midnight but truth be told I am still dragging butt two whole days later.  Thankfully my husband is more of a morning person.  While I struggled to get showered and dressed this morning he fed and walked the dog, brought the garbage cans back up from the street, showered and got dressed, and managed to make me coffee.  He's a regular miracle worker.  At any rate, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and some much needed time off.  I know I did.  

A friend and fellow blogger did a nice little recap of her year over at Our Saratoga Life, so let's just say I've been inspired to do the same.  According to my blog's analytics, I've had 10,045 views to date across ten different countries with Russia being the second highest viewing country to the USA.  Apparently I have a fan base there, who knew?  (Hello Russia!!)  My top five most popular posts included GTL Again, Furry Friday: 10 Commandments, Well Caffeinated, Bermuda, and Furry Friday: Sidelined Slumber.  Nice to see a few Furry Friday posts made it in there.  2012 was a pretty exciting year for Justin and I.  We celebrated 3 years of marriage, a trip to Bermuda and we found out we're expecting our first child.  Those are the biggies, but blogging has helped me to catalog all the other little things my pregnant brain has trouble remembering on its own.  

  • Demolition of our upstairs began.  Goodbye ugly wallpaper.  Hello neutral colors and textured ceilings.  Hard to believe this was in 2012, feels like it was ages ago.
  • Our mailbox was demolished by the snowplow and we picked out items for the upstairs bathroom.
  • I found out just how energetic a three year old can be.  As an update to the original post, my friend's parents are mending quite well from their accident.
  • The world lost a great HR Director. RIP Bruce Wilhelm.
  • Justin and I enjoyed a week in Bermuda!! We enjoyed some kayaking, traversing the Island via local buses/ferries, and one heck of a pub crawl.  I miss it already.
  • Another friend and HR mentor passed away.  RIP Dennis Ryan.
  • Justin's sister Elise got engaged!  Yay for upcoming bridesmaid duties!!
  • I posted about having a hard time adjusting to Daylight Savings.  In retrospect, this was probably because I was in the early stages of pregnancy.  We found out in September that we were expecting.
  • Justin and I announced our pregnancy to the world.  Well, to those outside of our immediate circle who didn't already know.  It became Facebook and Blog official.
  • We began experimenting with wives tales to try to determine the baby's gender on our own.
  • Justin and I found out we're having a boy!  As much as Justin says he'd have been happy if we'd found out it was a girl, secretly I know he was over the moon that the result was a boy.  The hunt for the right name begins now...
  • Justin and I ordered the baby furniture and received some awesome presents for our soon-to-be little man.  We cannot wait to put the baby's room together. 
That pretty much captures everything.  Hard to believe we got as much housework done as we did and that we'll be expecting a little one this coming May.  Lots of life changes coming up.  Even though it probably means more "stay-cations" than vacations, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to it.  I'm sure once the little tyke is a little older there will be a cruise in our future, but it'll probably be Disney themed as opposed to freestyle.  Here's to 2013 and all it has to bring.

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  1. What a great year with so many memories!!! Cheers to a growing family and many more :)


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