Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lollygagging & Other Oddness

Today I am dragging butt, and any other expression out there that depicts tiredness and sluggishness.  We attended a viewing last night for a former coworker of Justin's and stayed out past Cinderella's curfew.  Well, not really.  We were home before midnight but with the ever growing child in my midsection, anything past 8:00pm feels like midnight.  As sad as last night's event was, it was actually nice to see and catch up with many folks we haven't seen in at least a year since he switched jobs.  Many have married, expanded their families, and even started companies since we last saw them.  And yet it felt like we'd never missed a beat.  That in and of itself was comforting considering the circumstances.  I think I've found my New Year's Resolution for 2013: make more time for catching up at predetermined pleasant events as opposed to at funerals.

Back to my original thought though, where do expressions like "dragging butt," "lollygagging," and the like come from?  Visually I imagine dragging butt as a man dragging a donkey through a task (donkey = ass, ass = butt.)  Donkey's can be stubborn and I'm sure dragging one of them around could make for a long day.  This is of course an uneducated guess.  Likewise, lollygagging for me really doesn't make sense when I try to think it through literally.  Lollygagging means to procrastinate or waste time.  Visually I imagine someone choking on a lollipop but I'm fairly positive it's not an equal translation.  Although sitting around sucking on a lollipop could be considered a waste of time, similar to "eating bonbons" (which, btw, I've still yet to try.) 

And totally unrelated to the above paragraph (just call me Jessie - "oooh shiny"- those who know my sister will know what I mean) my left eye is watering today.  Not itchy, not painful, not red.  Just deciding to tear up sporadically.  I'm thinking it's a side effect of tiredness and possibly pregnancy (I blame everything on pregnancy.)   I'm hoping it's not a cold starting.


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