Friday, November 8, 2013

Furry Friday: Tidbits

It has been forever and a day since I posted a Furry Friday post.  Since I don't have any cute stories to share, I'll do a quick update on how Riley's been.  So far he's been pretty good with Jayson.  He's a little much with the kisses to the face, but I guess it's better than biting.  However, speaking of
biting- he's very protective of Jayson and we had a little incident where he tried to nip my buddy Jackie for playing with Jayson at our house.  This is something we now have to be on high alert for.  We have a lot of people over at Thanksgiving and rather than worry about his over-protectiveness getting the better of him, I think we'll leave him at my mom's house for the day.  I'm also a little nervous that Jayson, who is very grabby now, will grab and not let go of Riley resulting in a nip.  It hasn't happened yet, but I'm afraid it might.  Right now Jayson thinks Riley is hilarious.  He tries to bring Jayson toys to throw even though Jayson's not quite there yet.  Jayson will look for him in the morning when we're getting ready and likewise, Riley doesn't want to not be in the same room as Jayson whenever possible.  Jayson's new found screech throws Riley for a loop so when Jayson gets riled up, Riley tends to go hide out on the back of the couch until things settle down.  Time will tell, but I'm hoping with enough encouragement for both of them to be gentle with one another that they'll eventually be best buds.

"Hey Riley, what's up?"

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