Sunday, November 24, 2013

When Baby's Sick...

...Mommy's sick shortly thereafter.  Whatever Jayson had hit me with a vengeance.  I was back to work Wednesday only to be going to Urgent Care on Thursday morning.  Tonsillitis was my diagnosis.  Thank goodness it wasn't another "it's just viral" appointment!  I was prescribed antibiotics and by today (Sunday) I will say I was feeling much better.  My balance is still a little off since my one ear is still clogged and I'd like it if this general "brain fog" would lift as well, but at least I can swallow now.  The hubs and I did some major house cleaning and hopefully whatever this illness was doesn't impact him next.  We have 27+ people expected at our house for Thanksgiving and we'd like to all be healthy!  Not to mention, I really cannot afford to be off work at all this week since I'll be playing some pretty serious catch up.

So, needless to say while I was down and out Justin helped out quite a bit with Jayson.  They enjoyed tub time and feeding sessions together for a couple of days to give mommy a little extra rest.  Jayson thinks his father is hilarious so tub time had extra splashing and feedings had extra raspberries/spittle flying around.  This is the famous month to be thankful, and I can honestly say I've definitely appreciated Justin's help these last few days while I've been sick.  I could do without some of his ball-busting at times, but actions speak louder than words and I can tell he must have felt bad for me because he really did chip in to help where ever he could.

What are you thankful for, especially this time of year?

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