Saturday, November 9, 2013

Half a year...

Today Jayson is six months old.  He is looking more and more like a toddler with each passing day. Thankfully he has kept his happy-go-lucky disposition and continues to be a fairly easy baby.
At six months Jayson is doing the following:
★ Screeching at the top of his lungs. This is his happy, hyper self.
★ Raspberrying and I love it. I have yet to catch it on video but I will.
★ Gasping excitedly as we turn the pages when we are reading books.
★ Splashing in the tub.
★ Speaking his own language.  Occasionally I think he says "ma" and "ok" and "yeah" but its not consistent enough to tell yet.
★ Rolling over all the time and grabbing his feet.  He's not yet crawling but he is close.
★ Grabbing at anything you aren't quick enough to move out of his reach.  And he's doing it left handed!
★ Slapping the table and occasionally your hand (semi high five style).
★ Full on giggles when you tickle his under arms.
★ Playing baby apps on mom and dad's phones.
★ Has a pretty good attention span for t.v.; still likes Sponge Bob.
★ Eating rice cereal, squash and carrots in addition to breast milk.  Still waiting for him to sleep through the night but we're not there yet.
★ Laughing when he farts.  Must take after his father.  We say "eeew you made stinky man farts" and he laughs.
★ Chewing on everything.  No teeth yet.  We have noticed an improvement in his perceived crankiness by using an amber teething necklace though.
★ Growing hair, albeit translucent.  Lol.  Who knew I'd have a blonde baby? He still looks bald in photos.
★ Reaching for people (mom, dad, etc) when he wants to be held. This is my favorite, when I come home he leans out of daddy's arms and reaches for me.
Justin pokes fun when I say this, but Jayson finds new ways every day to melt my heart.  He is an amazing little dude and I look forward to being his mommy the rest of our lives.

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