Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today I do the obligatory watering of the office plants and then filled up my coffee mug with a cappuccino from the keurig.  On my way back to my desk, I slip in a puddle of water and fortunately for me my name is not Zac Efron.  With my jaw still intact, I was also very fortunate not to wear any of my cappuccino.  How I managed that was like a scene from the Matrix, I swear.  Although after my fancy slow-motion bend and swerve, my ankle and my back are reminding me that I'm thirty and should leave moves like that to a stunt double.  At any rate, my office now smells like an obnoxious blend of cappuccino and Spray Nine since some of it still need cleaning up from the floor.  The real kicker is that although it seemed like a lot of my drink went everywhere, my cup is still somewhat full.  And that my friends is why it's going to be a good day!  Thank God it's almost Friday!

How's your Thursday starting out??

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