Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The theory that breast fed babies don't get sick isn't entirely accurate.  Poor Jayson spiked a fever Saturday which which kept both of us out of work and daycare into Monday and Tuesday.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the extra snuggle time with my little guy but he was down right miserable for the majority of our time together.  Either that or he was sleeping the rest of the time, which I guess did his body good. 

For good measure I made a doctor's appointment for him on Monday as he was still running a fever even with tylenol/motrin.  I thought for sure he was suffering from an ear infection in addition to teething pain.  The appointment wasn't much help however.  They couldn't get a consistent temperature reading and seeing as how he was only suffering from a fever and no other symptoms they declared it viral and sent us on our way.  Everything is "viral" nowadays and they make sure to make you feel like a dingbat for dragging your kid into their office and wasting their precious time.  God forbid we care about our kids... but don't get me started.  I know I'm a new mom and all but by the time we'd been to the doctor's office he was running a consistent temp for almost 48 hours.

At any rate, we did have a couple positive moments over the past couple days.  For instance he gummed his first cookie.  That was exciting, and he rather liked it.  I couldn't find Zwieback cookies at the store however, so he's enjoying Ella's Milk & Vanilla cookies.  Anyone know if Zwieback cookies still exist??  They were the old stand-by when my sisters and I were kids.  I did find a recipe online, but who has the time?

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