Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The winter in Upstate New York has been weird to say the least, at least this year.  Any other year we are bombarded with snow from November through March.  Maybe it's because Justin and I invested in a snowmobile, a snowmobile trailer, and gear that we've had nothing but green lawns up until recently.  What a bummer to have all that fun equipment hanging around with nothing to do...  until a friend ours came up with the great idea to go north to Caroga Lake.

Interestingly enough, the Caroga Lake / Oppenheim/ Salisbury/ Dolgeville region is only about an hour from our house and yet they had what every snowmobiler has been desiring this year: SNOW.  So we left our house at about 6:45am on Sunday and about six of us met up at our friend Doug's place to trailer up to the Oppenheim Trailblazers clubhouse (two photos below).  If you've never trailered north before, you should.  Their lot had plenty of room for our trucks and trailers without having to unhitch.  Not to mention, they have an abundance of white stuff necessary to use your machines.  

The weather hovered at about 27-30 degrees with glorious sunshine all day.  This made for some beautiful riding. We stopped at various points to stretch and enjoy the scenery (pics below) and scarfed down a decent sized (and well priced) lunch at the Salisbury Ridgerunners clubhouse. A few spots between Oppenheim and Salisbury were a little too bumpy for comfort (my legs/back are still protesting days later) but there were sections as smooth as I-90 that made it all worth it.  A little slice of heaven in the Adirondacks.  Who knows, maybe this weekend we'll get back on that horse, back pain and all, and try out Tug Hill next.  I'll keep ya posted.

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