Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's go for a "Drive"

Let me tell you how much I love summer hours:
Since graduation occurred last weekend, our campus has enacted "summer hours" for its employees.  This translates to me getting out at 4:00pm this week, which is WONDERFUL.   I feel like I have so much more time to have a life outside of work.  Not to mention that it stays light out until after 8:00pm now.  Yesterday I took full advantage of my extra hour.  I took Riley for a walk around SUNY Cobleskill's campus (he was so excited to get a car-ride and a long walk), got gas, ran to walmart, and made dinner... all before 6:30pm.  This meant I had time to sit down and enjoy a Netflix movie.  Drive has been on my list for some time now, mainly because it features Ryan Gosling.  For those of you haven't seen it but plan to, stop reading right now.  This post will be full of spoilers.

First, I have to say this is not going to make my list of favorite Ryan Gosling movies.  For one, his character is oddly quiet.  His depiction of this character could fall in one of two categories: a.) slow (as in Lennie from Of Mice & Men), or b.) creepy closeted serial killer quiet.  He's a mechanic by day, getaway driver by night, and part-time car stunt guy for Hollywood on the side.  He lives in a bare apartment and has a crush on his neighbor.  He's supposed to be this soft-spoken good-guy who wants to look out for her and her kid, but then he violently kills multiple people.  If you don't have a stomach for shotgun blasts to the head, butcher knives to the neck, or a good old-fashioned head stomping... this movie is not for you.  It definitely kept my attention, however, there's not much of a story line to this movie.  I'd give it a three out of five.  Maybe a two and a half.  It passed the time, but not something I'll be sitting down to watch again.

Justin didn't think it was so bad, but he came in at the end (mainly the killing spree portion).  He was preoccupied playing "Billy The Exterminator" in our backyard.  Apparently the bees, which were nonexistent last year, have decided to take residence in one of our maple trees this year.  Justin did his homework, or should I say googled, and found that we have regular hairy bumble bees as opposed to carpenter bees which I guess is good and bad.  Good in that they're not doing damage to our house because they're not the carpenter kind, however, bad because these are the more aggressive of the two and emit a pheromone upon death to call in other bees for attack.  (Sounds nothing like anything I want to mess with.)  So outside he goes with a flash light with red fabric over it (truth be told, a pair of his boxer-briefs) because he says "bees can't see red" and sprays the heck out of these little pests with bee/wasp killer.  So proud of himself.  I'm just glad he didn't get stung seeing as how neither of us are certain whether he's allergic or not.

Did you see Drive?  What were your thoughts?  How about bees? Any suggestions for eliminating them?


  1. Drive. I was like yes!!!! The new 5.0 mustang before it hits the streets...most of the movie trailer was the 5 mins that car was in it. Ryan's character made no sense and I paid to watch it in the theater got...ripped off its like the old movie the getaway but some extra violence. I'd wiz that DVD out my window on interstate 87 some wheres.

  2. As far as bees I'd call a pro or hit Loews and see what the got for that.


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