Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

I concur with whoever coined the phrase that there aren't enough hours in a day.  This weekend we had three whole days, aka 72 hours, and boy did we make the most of the hours we had.  We had invitations to parties for all three days and we also had plans to get some more work done at the house as well as vegetables and flowers to plant.

Saturday we were up by 7:00 am to begin ripping out the carpet in the stairwell.  I have a new appreciation for vice grips as they were quite helpful in removing the residual staples from the steps.  Afterwards we headed out to Agway for some plants (banana peppers, zucchini, marigolds and some purple perennial,) a new light fixture for the hallway, and to refill our propane tank for the BBQ.  After dropping the plants at home we headed to Lowes for some paint, doors for the upstairs hall closet, and some other odds and ends (we can always find something we "need" there). Finally it was time to take in our first Memorial Day party of the weekend at the Tefts which included some volleyball, bar-b-q, and Wild Turkey Honey shots.  While we were there we got the call from Justin's sister that she got engaged, so on our way home from the party we stopped to congratulate the happy couple (and scope out the ring- look at that puppy!!)

Sunday we were again up at the crack of dawn to begin painting the hallway ceiling.  This was a project and a half.  First, we'd conveniently forgotten how much we hate applying textured ceiling paint.  It splatters everywhere.  Second, we'd run out with about a four foot section left to complete and apparently our local Agway no longer carries such paint.  So, we made a second appearance at Lowes only to be told we'd have to try the Sears/Kmart in Sidney.  Fortunately our second party, at Jay's Grandfather's campsite, was within ten minutes of the store so we stopped on the way.  We enjoyed Brooks BBQ Chicken dinners, Mike's Hard Lemonade, a pool, and added a new card game to our repertoire.  On the way home we made a pit stop for Dairy Queen Blizzards (I love their French Silk Pie) and then got down to business finishing painting the hallway and installing the ceiling fixture.

Monday was quite possibly our most productive day.  We were out of bed again before 8:00 am, this time to put the first coat of paint up the stairwell and into the upstairs hall.  We successfully finished this by lunch time, scarfed some grilled cheese and then headed outdoors to begin planting all the veggies and flowers I'd begun to acquire.  I had lettuce, basil, tomatoes and begonias that had come in from the local Boy Scout troop in addition to the plants we'd picked up Saturday.  All of our flowerbeds were quickly filled and I even had a few marigolds to spare for the base of our mailbox.  After some healthy scrubbing in the shower to get rid of both paint and potting soil from under my nails, it was time to head to our third and final party of the weekend.  Wine slushies, pina coladas, bar-b-q, apple pie bars, washers, ladder ball, and an in-ground pool were just a few of the highlights.  We even brought Riley along.

All in all it was a memorable Memorial Day weekend despite not having enough hours in a day three days.

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