Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer of Frozen Drinks

Last weekend my friend Danielle and I trekked on up to Albany (aka Awwwbany) to do some shopping for our good friend Jennifer-Marie's Baby Shower.  Danielle, in case you've forgotten, is the mother of my favorite little person.  Jennifer, if you are reading, no worries as I will not disclose the date/time/presents purchased.  I will say that Danielle and I must have looked like two tools wandering around Babies-R-Us trying to find stuff from the registry.  What a hoot.  So that was the highlight of our Saturday morning.  We then treated ourselves to lunch at Olive Garden before heading over to the Christmas Tree Shop in the Colonie Center Mall.  I tell you, I forget how awesome the Christmas Tree Shop is.  I have to measure some windows at the house and make a special trip back over there for some new curtains.  Their home section is rather nice!  

At any rate, plenty of goofing around occurred.  We were *this close* to  buying some Thelma & Louise hats and a pair of Avon knock-off  bejeweled sandals.  We talked ourselves out of it, but might have to go back for some neon colored wine glasses.  (These were not just any old neon colored wine glasses...these puppies were freezable!)  We were about to check out with our more practical purchases, consisting of boring items like greeting cards, when I spotted a frozen drink machine.  Normally, an item like this ranges from $120-250 at shops like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  However, this particular one (Nostalgia Electrics Caribbean Chiller) was only priced at $49.99.  A steal if you ask me.  I had to have it.  That very afternoon I made up some pina coladas and it worked wonderfully.  Needless to say, this summer will be the Summer of Frozen Drinks.  Recipes appreciated.

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