Friday, March 8, 2013

Furry Friday: Bonding

It feels like ages ago that I've written a blog post about my little buddy Riley.  He's still alive and well.  Since I last wrote about him in February, he's been enjoying his Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone and snuggling up with his mama.  I swear that bone was the best investment we made at Christmas time for him.  Even when its out of rawhide refills, he loves to sit and chew with this for hours.  It must be because he can get a better grip on it with the ball.  

At any rate, you might recall that we prematurely got him groomed in February on the same day as my dreaded Glucose Test. I love how he feels after he's groomed though.  His fur is so soft like a little teddy bear.  However, even though he really needed it, his new short haircut doesn't make him too fond of the great outdoors especially on days like today when the weatherman continues to forecast snow.  So we spend a lot of our time bundled up together on the couch in the evenings.  As I'd mentioned in my ESP post, this is the time that he just loves hugging up to my belly.  I finally got some shots of it to share on here.  I hope this is a good sign that he's already bonding with his brother.

Any pet experiences to share?  Particularly how your pet was during the pregnancy and once the little bundle of joy arrived?

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