Monday, December 12, 2011

Buried Alive

Recently making headlines was news of a woman being buried alive in a cardboard box by her fiance.  She managed to escape with the use of her diamond engagement ring (how ironic) after a half hour struggle upside down underground.  Her fiance states that he only meant to scare her and left the hand holds open on the box to enable her to breathe.  This is after he tasered her into submission, bound and gagged her, taped the box up, buried it and left her for dead.  But it was just a scare.  He sounds angelic, doesn't he? A real catch.

You might be asking yourself what would possess someone to violently attack a person he'd asked to marry him and then bury her alive?  Well, it's been reported that he had grown tired of her and wanted to move on with another woman.  This my friends, is what's wrong with the world.  At no point does wanting out of a relationship ever give anyone the right to a.) attempt to murder and/or murder someone, or b.) to cheat.  There is always the option to leave before either comes into play.  Simple concept, no one dies and there's minimal heartache.  If he didn't want to be in the relationship, wasn't happy, had prospects somewhere else then he should have just left.  They hadn't walked down the aisle yet and it's apparent she'd have been better off without him anyway.  It's really not that complicated to call it quits, move out, and move on. Whatever happened to doing the right thing?  

A friend of mine recently quipped that when her daughter is older she's joining "MADDD" - "Mother's Against Daughters Dating Douchebags."  Well said.  I'm going to go one step farther and vow to not raise my son to be one.

Side note: No one deserves to be abused. If you or a loved one are subjected to Domestic Violence, please know there is help available.  Call 9-1-1 or visit the national coalition page for a state by state listing of programs that can assist you.

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