Friday, December 16, 2011

Furry Friday: Give a dog a bone

The things we do for our dog...

The other night Justin makes a pitstop at Agway to get a replacement bulb for our back  porch light.  He also, feeling "Christmasy," buys Riley a carrot squeak toy and Apache a funny little corn cob guy.  Feeling badly that he didn't have anything to give to Riley today, he found the perfect sized cow bone.  Normally we have a hard time finding the right sized bone for Riley because, well, Riley's a little guy but he's too aggressive for the small bones designed for dogs his size and the big bones are way out of his league.  

Let me just tell you that Riley was in Heaven.  He and this bone are inseparable.  He loves carrying it around because it's just his sizeIt also kept him occupied for hours, which provided a nice little break for Justin and I.  Riley usually has a good amount of energy in the evenings because he spends most his time sleeping while we are at work.  So that means a lot evenings are spent playing of fetch, being whined at for attention, and then if you're not paying attention a toy or two ends up destroyed.  You see, Riley's a chewer.  Fortunately he doesn't chew up things that aren't his, but he is pretty darn destructive when it comes to his toys which presents us with choking hazards, digestive issues, etc.  There are plenty of "chew toys" on the market, but they're no match for Riley.  There was this "indestructable knot" we bought which unfortunately didn't last a week.  The other rubbery or hard plastic chew items somehow end up missing chunks which we discover later when they come out his other end.  Of course there are tons of  edible "chew" snacks (ex. Busy Bone, Greenies, and Dentastix aka "Crackstix") but calories are included and he inhales them like it's his j-o-b.  He's become more of a sausage-dog than a hot-dog, if you know what I mean.  Long story short, these right-sized cow bones are a god send. 

What other items do you recommend for a heavy chewer? 

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