Thursday, December 15, 2011

Updated: Pantalones

The eighties were a time of parachute pants (the brighter the better), stretch denim, patterned leggings, cavaricci pants, and "pegged" jeans with slouch socks.  For those of you who are too young (or old) to recall "pegged" jeans, it involves an origami type skill to fold excess fabric tightly at the ankles with a hold that'll last all day.

The nineties was the introduction of wearing pants too large and too low (i.e. JNCO Jeans).  For males, it was popular to show off whatever boxers they were wearing that day and to talk "gangsta".  It was a straight take away from rappers in Hollywood who's pants were staying up by some miracle unknown to science and who's hats were never forward facing.  Think Eminem, Ice Cube, Outkast, etc.

Now fast forward to the present.  Skinny jeans (aka Jeggings) and converse sneakers are back in and are unisex.  Leggings and rider boots are hot as well.  However, I wasn't aware that skinny jeans worn extra low were in.  They look ridiculous.  I'd seen a picture recently of Justin Bieber dressed in shorts that were too tight and too low.  And this was at a wedding.  This is what the new generation is attracted to?  Yowza.  First thing that came to mind for me was Dick VanDyke doing the penguin dance in Mary Poppins.  I guess I'm really showing my age here. 

Thoughts, comments?

UPDATE: The "skinny jean worn extra low" style now has a name... Drop-Crotch

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  1. Late to comment, but saw Justin on Dancing With The Stars last night. He wore leather pants that reminded me of Dick Van Dyke's penguin pants. Went looking for a photo comparison and viola! You are not alone, and thanks for giving a name to the fashion faux pas.


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