Friday, December 9, 2011

Furry Friday: Doxie Ornament

TGIF!  You know what that means.  A Riley Chance related post.  Every year around Christmas Justin and I scramble to find a new Dachshund calendar that at least has one photo in it representative of our breed of dachshund.  It's a hard feat since Riley is a reddish-brown wire-haired (I think the technical term for his coloring is wild boar) whereas the standard wire-haired looks more like a Scottish-Terrier with black and silver coloring.  We also scour the shelves for dachshund ornaments, again finding plenty of smooth coat  and long-haired dachshund renditions but no wire-haired. Well, yesterday our luck was about to change.  I arrived home to a package from my Aunt Cheryl.  She has really outdone herself this time.  A dachshund ornament that is "furry" like Riley with a red collar.  It's made of recycled wool which gives it a wire-haired appearance.  And it's "earth friendly."  Not too shabby!  As you can see I couldn't wait to get this guy on the tree!

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