Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Speedy What?

So last night I was perusing the twenty four odd channels we get through Time Warner and decided upon Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) because they were the only channel with anything Christmas related on.  What happened to ABC's Countdown to Christmas?  Anywho, while on LMN a commercial came on for the SpeediCath Compact.  Has anyone seen this commercial?  If anything warrants an out loud "What the f**k," it would be this commercial. 

First off, why is a young lady advertising for it?  Since when did your ureter close up after thirty?  If that's the case, someone should have forewarned me long before now.  I'm only about a year off from that milestone.  Secondly, I'm sure the last thing a catheter user is worried about is how it sizes up to a tube of lip gloss or mascara.  And lastly, why is their marketing team acting as if this is just as common as a tampon?  This is the first I've heard of portable catheters, whereas Kotex has been around forever.  Every woman pretty much 12 and over nowadays has that affliction in common. But a portable catheter?  I can't name one person I know who has this need.  I guess I didn't realize it became commonplace enough to advertise on national television, as opposed to the privacy of a doctor's office.  Thoughts?

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