Friday, December 2, 2011

Furry Friday: Mister Softy

There are two things as of lately that make it really hard to get up and go to work.  One, of course, would be the winter weather setting in.  All this cold, dark, dreariness makes me want to go into hibernation for the next six months.  The other thing would be Riley.  He is such a little cuddle bug lately.  If there's a microfiber blanket or a sueded duvet cover, count him in.  He could care less when I bought him the $60 cave bed, but a $25 microfiber throw for the couch has made his day.  We've had it for about two years now.  I didn't even buy it, I think it was a Christmas present.  It's gone through the wash about once every two weeks, acquired a small hole thanks to a Riley tooth, and yet it still manages to be the most sought after blanket in the house.  

I got to thinking about this and have realized that any time I need to find Riley I check all the soft spots in the house.  The couch (which is microfiber), on his dark blue dog blanket (microfiber), snuggled in the creme-colored microfiber throw, on the bed wrapped in the sueded duvet cover, or anywhere there are pillows.  I wonder if it's a "pack" thing.  As if the softness of some of these fabrics reminds him of snuggling with his siblings earlier in life. Of course, we'll never know unless he learns to speak.  So for now he's earned a new nickname: Mister Softy.

Do your pets have any favorite spots?  What do you think of the "pack" microfiber theory?

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