Friday, February 17, 2012

Furry Friday: Roll With It

This past weekend we had dropped our little fur-child off to visit his Grandparents while we wined and dined with friends in Cortland.  Like any good dog mother I packed his food, water, snacks, and even a couple of his favorite toys (not that he doesn't already have a basket full at his Grandparents.)  Well much like a toddler who'd rather play with the box than the toy, his Grandparents discovered that Riley would much rather terrorize an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll than the store bought squeak toys on hand.  

I don't think there's a day that goes by where I don't say that he's so freaking cute.  Sunday when we picked him up was no exception.  My sister Jessie demonstrated his new found affection for fetch with a paper towel roll.  Each time he brought it back to her he would give it the death shake, shred a little bit off of it and then playfully await the next throw.  He was so excited to play this new game that he wore his little self out!  Plopped himself down on the floor with a big grin, puffy cheeks, tongue out, and panting.  Like a dog.  This is unheard of. 

So I've begun googling things I can do with an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll for an impromptu dog toy.  I figure as long as his interest is peaked and it helps him be a little more active, why not right?  So far I've found a one particularly good idea on "The Ginger Penny Pincher" website:

Any other ideas?  Please share them here.

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