Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"C" is for Crazy Pants

Who watched the Bachelor this week?  This year's season has certainly had it's shares of awkward moments (Blakely and her scrapbook, Jamie and the "Closed/Open Mouth" kiss) but I have to say that Courtney's hometown date takes the cake.  This girl is bat-shit crazy.  An impromptu wedding ceremony complete with handwritten vows??!  Which, I might add, hers were directly stolen from Sex in The City... lame-oh.  Apparently Ben wasn't as weirded out by it as my husband and I were, because when the rose ceremony came to an end she was still there with rose in hand. 

Some other observations from the show:
  • Kasie B. was sent home.  This wasn't a surprise after seeing how her parents interacted with Ben.  I do feel sorry for Kacie because I believe that if the hometown date had gone well, she'd have been a final contender.
  • Nicki has emerged as a new front runner.  She is also one of the few girls Ben actually uses the L-O-V-E word in the same sentence with.  I love Texas everything and Texas Nicki, that's the best part.
  • Lindzi has an okay date.  Nothing remarkable. A horse carriage ride, a picnic, and smores with the parents.  Although I believe she's one of the prettier contestants, I don't really see her and Ben ending up together.
  • Ben has become a broken record.  Throughout the entire hometown date episode he says the same thing about every woman.  He's beginning to sound like a politician with canned responses such as "you've raised a wonderful woman,""communication is key," and he's "honored" by everything.  Oy...C is for Crazy Pants (Courtney), B is for Boring (Ben).  Hmmm, maybe they are meant for each other. 
  • Lastly, it's a thought that has crossed my mind numerous times while watching this show.  In real life, what woman would be accepting of her man dating three or more other women just to be sure what he has with her is the real deal?? 

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