Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I only just caught on that SMH = Shaking My Head, so forgive the overuse of it in the old bloggie today.  Anywho, it's time I do a little Bachelor bashing on here.  Last night I was seriously shaking my head that he kept Courtney.  Seriously??  What other red flags does he need?  She's a high maintenance attention whore who loses interest the minute she's not the center of attention.  She flat out says she doesn't have girlfriends, rather has a lot of male friends (gee, I wonder why) and she says things like "the spark's not there."  And don't get me started on her baby talk.  Oyyy..  Hello... I thought the purpose of being "The Bachelor" was to find love.  He keeps saying he likes the girls to be "open and honest" through this process, well buddy if her heart is that fickle that the spark can turn on and off like a light switch I'd say there's a good chance things will not work out with this one. 

Speaking of which, is it no wonder that the vast majority of the Bachelor/Bachelorette relationships never pan out?  Seriously, they get down to the final two and pick the better of the two evils.  A little while later they plop down in front of the TV and watch the season in its entirety and then they realize "wow, you're not who I thought you were.  I should have seen the signs..."  SMH.  Stop thinking with your private parts and start using your brain boys.  Well, at least it makes for interesting reality TV.  If it wasn't for the drama they wouldn't have much to film in the "After The Final Rose" segment.

Who watches the Bachelor?  Weigh in here.  I'm Team Kacie B. all the way.

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