Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well Caffeinated

I would classify myself as a casual coffee drinker.  I haven't yet made it to a daily cup of joe.  I drink it occasionally when I'm feeling really lethargic or when I'm freezing my junk off at work.  I lean towards a light roast (cream & sugar), flavored coffees (i.e. french vanilla, caramel), lattes, and of course the ever-famous Dunkaccino.  For die hard coffee drinkers, what I drink doesn't constitute as "coffee."  

Seeing as how I'm a lightweight when it comes to coffee, I have noticed that certain brands of coffee seem to have more of an effect on me than others.  I'm guessing this has to do with their caffeine levels, either that or I'm misreading my heart palpitations and should seek medical help.  At first I thought it was only Starbucks coffee which resulted in a few hours of jitters.  Now I can add Bruegger's coffee to the list.  As good as my medium french vanilla with two sugars and 2% milk was, I am still feeling my heart beat in my throat and temples three hours later.  Whoa baby!  This got me wondering just how much more caffeine a coffee at Bruegger's possesses.  The International Coffee Organization reports that the average cup of coffee consists of 80-115 mg of caffeine.  With that said, here's how the usual places stack up:
  • According to the site Energy Field, a standard cup of coffee for Dunkin Donuts has 132 mg of caffeine (I've yet to find where Dunkin Donuts reports their caffeine levels on their own site)
  • According to Bruegger's website, a cup of coffee has upwards of 250 mg of caffeine
  • According to Starbuck's website, a cup of coffee coffee has 330mg of caffeine
Referencing the International Coffee Organization again, customary caffeine consumption has been classified as follows:
  • Low caffeine users: less than 200mg per day
  • Moderate caffeine users: 200-400mg per day
  • High caffeine users: more than 400mg per day
You can now see why I feel a bit like a ping-pong ball with my heart beating out of my chest.   I'm typically a low caffeine user and just one cup of coffee from Bruegger's falls in line with that of a moderate caffeine user.  I guess you could say I was well caffeinated today, but going forward I'm not going to run with the big dogs.  I'll stay on the porch with a wimpier cup of coffee.

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