Friday, September 16, 2011

Furry Friday: Fall Fashionista

Holy coldness!!!  Where did last night's temperatures come from?  We were in the low thirties in Upstate NY and I refuse to turn the heat on just yet.  We did however have a fire going in our fireplace which did help keep the edge off.  The house stayed at about sixty-five all night which was ok, but still a little chilly.  As my Grandpa Dank would say "it's good sleeping weather." Sleeping weather or not, it was time to pull out some warmer clothes for Riley.  Yes, I said for Riley.

We always keep a few sweaters and sweatshirts handy even through the summer for us, but of course he doesn't need a sweater in the summer.  It's a whole different ballgame in the fall and winter though.  Riley is a wire-haired dachshund which means his has hair not fur.  He doesn't have the luxury of a thick little undercoat in the winter time so he needs a little assistance when it comes to staying warm in the colder months.  And let me tell you, between Old Navy, Pet Smart, and Walmart he is quite the little fashionista. Last night we held a little fashion show in our living room.  This dog has the patience of a saint, by the way.  Anywho, check out how cute he is in his blue sweatshirt and green all-star athletics jersey from Pet Smart (Go Jets!), his yellow polo from Old Navy, and his camouflage Snuggie from Walmart.  Oh yeah, and a few of his favorite toys made it into the picture (Red Guy, Cow, Zebra, and Dachshund).  Take note: Cow and Dachshund no longer have ears, Red Guy is missing his eyes, and Zebra has been sewn so many times his face is misshapen.    

Do you dress your pets?  What are some of the best places you find pet apparel?

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