Friday, August 5, 2011

Furry Friday: Red Guy

Apache Chief Krueger
"Dog's are color blind."  I have a hard time believing this.  Since Riley was a puppy he has gravitated towards items which were blue or red.  Mostly red.  So we got him a collar, a harness, a leash, a chew bone, and a myriad of other items in red.  We refer to his toys by their color too.  You'll hear "Go get Red Guy" a lot in our house, and Riley knows just what we are talking about.  "Red Guy"  is Riley's favorite toy.  They have been inseperable since we'd cleaned out Justin's Dad's truck and found him in there.  So technically "Red Guy" is Apache's (Jay's parent's dog's) but Apache doesn't mind.  Apache is a mild mannered Golden Retriever who is three times the size of Riley, but lets Riley boss him around anyway.  

Napping with "Red Guy"
So, back to "Red Guy."  Where ever Riley is, "Red Guy" is not far from reach.  If Riley is hiding out in his fort, aka under the dining room table, "Red Guy" is there too.  If Riley is taking a nap... you guessed it, "Red Guy" is napping too.  And when I say to Riley "ready for bed?" he immediately picks up "Red Guy" and goes running for the bedroom.  It's adorable really.  "Red Guy" however is beginning to smell so he's going to be going through the wash shortly and no doubt Riley will be sitting in the back room waiting until he comes out of the dryer.


  1. Awwww! I have to post Algebra's "baby" on FB. We say go get your baby. All it is, is a piece of fabric the size of a cellphone that started off as a squeaky toy. If you try to touch it, you will die. How whiskey-tango is that? I need a Riley!

  2. Riley also has this old cow that the voicebox is broke, the ears and tail are chewed off, and it's been stitched so many times around it's snout that it's starting to look like Joan Rivers. But he loves it. LOL


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