Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Surprise

Okay, so if you've perused MSN or any other news network's website lately you'd have read about a Catholic Bishop resigning because he led a double life and had fathered two children who are now teenagers.  Big surprise.  Is anyone really shocked by this?  I know I'm not.  It's embarrassing lately all the media hub-bub about sexual abuse, financial deceit, and non-celibate priests.  It's not as if there isn't an option in the Catholic church to be a man of God with a wife an kids.  It's called a Deacon or a Minister.  I do understand we're all human and the downfall to that is free will.  Not to mention men 70% of married men have admitted to cheating, so as a man married to the Church he apparently succumbed to statistics.  However, as a man of the cloth you'd think he'd be all that much more scared of the consequences of his actions based upon the preachings of the ten commandments and the fiery depths of hell.  But that's neither here nor there.  What I can say I'm surprised about is that the Catholic Diocese is reaching out to this woman and her kids offering "spiritual care as well as funding to assist the children with college costs."  What??  <<insert screeching record sound here>>

Let me get this straight.  The Catholic Diocese is purportedly the richest religious organization on the planet, also the most penny-pinching with an unprecedented number of church and catholic schools closings in the last few years...  and yet, they are offering up spiritual care and college funding for the children of a man who betrayed the Church and his vows to God??  This comes with a price tag, I'm sure.  Which leaves me with a few questions:
  • What makes these children born of infidelity any more deserving of college funding than anyone else's children?
  • How can the Catholic Church be so giving to these two children and yet there are millions of other starving and afflicted human beings who could benefit from the Diocese's profits?
  • I guess ultimately then it boils down to wanting to know how the spending of parishioners' money is prioritized such that these two filter to the top?  
Seems to me it's no different than in any other organization.  It's really all in who you know.  It's a pity that the Church is no exception. 

Thoughts, comments... please feel free.

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