Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feeling Bluesy

I've participated in my fair share of "rename yourself" games which have been sent around chain-letter style over the years.  What's Your Porn Star Name?   What's Your Star Wars Name? What's Your Ninja Name? And the latest and greatest: What's Your Blues Name?   My answers are Ginger Woodland, Chrer Dabro Reghyundai of Ibuprofen, Mirikiarichina, and Sticky Liver Smith respectively just in case you are wondering.  My Porn Star name by far beats out all others as my favorite.

For whatever reason in addition to Facebook, the What's Your Blues Name  has made it into the Timesunion.  Apparently it's gaining some steam in popularity.  

As silly as some of these may be, I will admit that I find them fun to participate in. Leave a comment below with your Blues name or a link to another name game I haven't mentioned!

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