Friday, January 20, 2012

Furry Friday: Pity Party

There are very many days that I wake up and wonder what the hell I ever did to deserve the crappy state of affairs my life has somehow found itself in.  There are actually many days I ask myself "what else can go wrong?" knowing that very question is tempting fate to punish me some more.  This morning was no different.  

First and foremost, I'd forgotten to set the alarm.  Fortunately for me Riley has an impeccable internal clock.  However, when he woke me up this morning I was keenly aware that my face was cold.  So were my feet.  This is highly unusual seeing as how I am someone who normally sweats in my sleep (attractive, right?)  I listened for the heat to kick on as it normally does every morning right around the time I get up and.... nothing.  The thermostat in the hall is reading 50 degrees.  Outside it's windy and hovering around 8 degrees.  This is not good.

Justin and I head downstairs to the basement to check the electrical box, the pressure gauge on the furnace, and then we dip the oil tank just to be sure we hadn't run out.  All check out just fine.  We hit the restart button on the furnace and everything fires up the way it should.  Odd though that we should have to do that.  The unit itself is only 15 months old and cost us enough to buy a liver and a kidney on the black market.  Oy.  All sorts of things start running through my head.  Should I call a professional to come service it, clean it, or whatever?  What if this stupid thing stalls again while I'm at work thus allowing the pipes to freeze?  What about Riley?  He'll be left home alone all day in this cold money-pit of a house.  And lastly, in my head I'm silently whining to God: I need a friggin' break

Since I've never been particularly fond of Pity Parties, I'm going to try my hardest to look on the bright side today.  I desperately need to get out of this funk.  So here goes:
  1. Although NYS has furloughed me for 9 days out of greed, I still have a job.
  2. Although it's only 13 degrees outside currently, the sun is actually shining.
  3. Since the sun is shining, the 14 or so windows in my sun room will help to heat my house today even if my furnace doesn't.
  4. My dad is giving up his Friday evening to help continue renovations to the upstairs bathroom.
  5. Although my 1950s Cape Cod has lately become the bane of my existence, I own my own home and the roof (knock on wood) doesn't leak.
  6. My husband is trying his hardest to fix everything.
  7. In 20 days Justin and I will have been together 13 years.
  8. My pantry, freezer, and fridge are full of food. 
  9. We have an awesome neighbor who is the jack of all trades and is always willing to help out.
  10. Regardless of what is going on in life, we still have Riley and he's our awesome little love-bug.

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