Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nothing Presidential About It

Tell me if this makes any sense to you.  Assume the Presidential position is like any other job opening that's come available, for example a Shift Manager.  Normal employment procedure requires that the position description and responsibilities are shared with the public, applications come in, interviews are conducted and a selection is made based upon qualifications. In the search for a new Shift Manager it would never be considered acceptable for candidates a.) to know about the existence of one another, and b.) to bash their competition openly and still expect to get the job.  I understand that when running for President the interviewers are the American people thereby making it public knowledge who the applicants are, however I still don't understand how allowing candidates to bash one another became acceptable.  The end result leaves you with two applicants, reputations completely marred, whom you'd rather not hire knowing what you now know.  It's not a matter of making a discriminatory hiring decision either.  It's a matter of not wanting to hire someone who's ethics are misaligned with your company's values.  This company being the United States of America, and the "costs" so-to-speak of making a bad hiring decision can have devastating consequences.  Case in point:
  • Barack Obama - Poor financial decisions have cost the U.S. considerably ($4 Trillion to be exact).
  • Randall Terry - Homophobic.  Doesn't promote values of diversity and inclusion.
  • Newt Gingrich - Adulterer.  Couldn't make good on his wedding vows, who's to say he'll make good on his vows to the American people?
  • Mitt Romney - Concern surrounding his taxes and personal wealth
  • Rick Santorum - Presumably embezzled money from Operation Good Neighbor Foundation.  
  • Ron Paul - Disagrees with 1964 Civil Rights Act from a "property" perspective.  
With all these negatives flying around about each candidate, can we honestly say we want any of these gentleman representing our Country?  It's just sad that in the U.S. it comes down to voting for the lesser of two evils in November.

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