Friday, January 13, 2012

Furry Friday: Comics

Just to reiterate how much everyone loves Riley, my dad brought over a comic he cut out that he thought was fitting.  Because I couldn't find the comic online and didn't have access to a scanner, I recreated the comic with bits and pieces of other comics just so you could get the picture (no pun intended):

As many of you  know, Riley is a dachshund.  Dachshunds are notorious for having short legs and long bodies.  Well, when it snows Riley is not such a huge fan of taking his walks outside and I can't say I blame him.  He leaves behind four paw prints and a line, if you get my drift.  Which is why we've taken to putting coats on him when it's particularly cold out.  Fortunately he doesn't seem to mind so much.  Which reminds me of another comic my mother found and cut out for us (which was a Dog Eat Doug comic that I had to recreate):

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