Friday, January 6, 2012

GTL Again

For those of you die hard Jersey Shore fans, last night was the long awaited premiere for Season Five.  As ridiculous as this show is, I cannot help but watch it.  Prior seasons were full of Ronnie/Sam drama which seemed to overtake the show in a negative way, but when those two decided to pop a prozac the show became quite enjoyable again.  This is not to be confused with saying it's become drama free because that is certainly not the case.

Already Mike "The Situation" and his friend "The Unit" are stirring the pot with Snooki about what apparently went down between them.  There has been some speculation that Mike has gay tendencies.  Vinny is severely depressed about extended time away from his family, and Pauly-D hooks up with Ryder which makes Deena jealous.  Surprisingly there's yet to be any drama involving Ronnie, Sam or J-Woww but this is just the first episode.

Some take aways from the show:  Mike just wants vindication, but he and his friend "The Unit" are being downright obnoxious about it.  Snooki's friend Ryder gets around (I really enjoyed Ronnie's "metrocard" comment to Pauly-D the morning after).  Speaking of a get-around, Snooki should just own up to her actions already, as if they aren't any less deplorable than admitting to having slept with Vinny or hooking up with Deena for crying out loud.  If Vinny leaves, I hope to God that Ryder or "The Unit" aren't introduced as new housemates.  Did anyone else find Deena's following Ryder and Pauly-D into the bedroom awkward?  It's not as if she's Pauly's girlfriend or anything.  Oh, and what's up with Snooki's face this year?  Looks like she's taking plastic-surgery tips from J-Woww. 

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