Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Since one of my best friends is an Avon representative, I've decided to give Avon's Mosaic Effects (aka Crackle) nail polish a try.  Normally I don't paint anything but clear on my fingers, but it looked so cute on my toes that I had to give it a chance.  The verdict is in...  I like it.  It lasts surprisingly well paired with a UV top coat (a little trick I learned from Andy at Fancy Nails in East Greenbush).  UV top coats are what make your maincure last, whether you are working with acrylic or your natural nails.  I am going on my sixth day and there is minimal chipping going on which is a miracle considering that in those six days I've taped out a room to be spackled and I've done my share of dishes glove-free.  Now I know from looking at the pictures you're probably wondering wth I was thinking with the multi-color effect, however I was indecisive and wanted to try out all my new colors.  Going forward I will stick with one color beneath the crackle, but guaranteed I will be crack-a-lackin' my nails until the bottle is empty.  Well, either that or until I get bored with it.  Whichever comes first.

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