Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dr. Finkelstein

Thank goodness my hair appointment was this Wednesday as opposed to last Wednesday.  As you may already know, my hair dresser and I are almost guaranteed to schedule appointments when inclement weather (albeit natural disasters) should strike.  If it's in the winter and we have an appointment it will either hail, sleet, or drop 4 feet of snow that day.  If it's in the spring, it'll rain like a monsoon with lightening strikes rivaling that of some Greek god.  Summertime...well, let's see, NY has experienced an earthquake, two hurricanes turned tropical storms and a tornado.  Last night the weather behaved, but just to be sure my color "took" appropriately I donned a blueish machine which bubbled and steamed my color to perfection.  I actually think it was quite becoming on me in a sort of Dr. Finkelstein way.  Fortunately the end result was a little less mummy-like although I am still ghostly pale (blame it on my Irish heritage.)

What do you think?

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