Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everyone's a Photographer

I love technology.  Love it.  I love it more so when it all comes packaged in a neat little bundle like my HTC smart phone.  Gone are the days when you need to remember to bring anything more than your phone in order to take pictures.  On vacation but you forgot that clumsy film-eating Kodak of yours?  What's that - you forgot your digital Coolpix?  No problem.  HTC to the rescue with an 8 mega pixel camera equipped with zoom, a flash, and other editing software built in for on the spot perfection.  Just about any cell phone nowadays has some form of camera and photo "effects" options.

Not only do I love sweet little bundles of technology for taking photographs, I love "FREE" web-based photo editing software.  There are so many online resources available that I almost feel compelled to edit every photo I take because a.) if you can, why not? and b.) it's just plain fun.  For a while my go to site was Picnik, but after a while it got a little boring to use only the free bits.  And then of course there's Picasa by Google which works hand in hand with Picnik.  But recently I've reconnected with my old Photobucket because they've kicked it up a notch.  Photobucket was someplace I used strictly for html codes for my photos so I could embed them on myspace (remember myspace?), but now I can do so much more.  Like that "touch of color" effect, but with more specificity than Picnik ever dreamed. 

On one hand it's kind of sad that the art of photography is now something anyone aged six to sixty can achieve with the touch of a button on a cell phone, but on the other hand I see it as a challenge for the true photographers out there to make their photos that much more breathtaking.  I'll be honest, with how much I can do online at Picnik or Photobucket, it's certainly raised the bar for that of any photographer I'll be hiring (and I'm only an amateur). 

What photo editing sites do you use? Am I missing out on any gems out there?

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