Monday, September 12, 2011

Turning over a new leaf

Today the hubby starts a new job.  So far this is the one bright spot to 2011.  He first interviewed at the beginning of August, was called back for a second interview and then accepted the offer just a little over two weeks ago.  I waited to say anything on the blog until everything was official, and good thing I did.  As with most things in our life, this job did not come without it's share of hiccups.

Hiccup #1:  Hurricane Irene.  Justin's signed acceptance letter was due to their office August 29th.  We sent it priority mail with signature/delivery confirmation to ensure it made it there by August 29th.  Well, Irene beat us to it and his new job was subsequently closed until August 31st.  Fortunately they already had his verbal acceptance and due to the extenuating circumstances, this hiccup wasn't really a big deal.

Hiccup #2:  Tornado touched down in Upstate NY over labor day weekend.  Justin was due to travel to their local hospital that Tuesday for the required drug and TB tests.  Fortunately the roads were reopened by that morning so he made it there no problem.

Hiccup #3:  TB test.  Justin is allergic to anything given in an egg serum.  They should have this well documented by now, but when he went to have the TB test read the nurse reacted as if he had AIDS.  A subsequent chest x-ray this past Thursday proved that he does not have TB (he's merely allergic to the serum) but he was in panic none-the-less that this would compromise his ability to start the new job.

At any rate, he has made it over the finish line and the new job started today at 8:30am.  He'll be out by 4:30, putting him home earlier than me with his now shortened work day and commute.  Guess who's now in charge of making dinner?  Well, at least starting  Yep, this guy:

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